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studenten in dortmund kennenlernen

My name is Vineet J Nair. How was your time in Germany in general and in Dortmund specifically? I thoroughly enjoyed my summer in Germany and in Dortmund as well! I found the quality and pace of life to be very nice here and a little more relaxed overall when compared to the United States.

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Dortmund itself is a very comfortable and diverse city to live in and it was also very easy to studenten in dortmund kennenlernen to other interesting areas in the Ruhr region.

Finally, I was able to make full use of my weekends and travel to other nearby countries in Europe as well!

Während des Studiums bei DEW21

How did a typical day look like during your internship? Kennenlernen dürfen would come in and quickly check in with my internship advisor about my progress so far and what I would be working on that day.

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I would then spend most of the day at my desk for most of the day working on my own project. I would grab lunch with a few of my coworkers everyday at the cafeteria. I would brainstorm and studenten in dortmund kennenlernen new ideas with my advisor as needed during the day and also sit in on some group meetings.

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Has there been a memorable moment? I learned a great deal about energy trading and managing renewable assets. I really enjoyed working on my small but significant project which gave me exposure to some new fields and skills.

Während des Studiums bei DEW21

One of the best aspects was that everyone in my group was very approachable, friendly and helpful! I really enjoyed the conversations both about work as well other topics.

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One particularly memorable moment was when our entire trading group went to the Alter Markt and got gelato together! What are the differences and similarities between the two cultures? I found there to be many similarities between cultures in Germany and the United States. Just like in the US, people here are extremely passionate about the work they do and also very open and welcoming to people coming studenten in dortmund kennenlernen various backgrounds.


The main difference I noticed while working here is that people in general have much better work-life balance than in the States. What are your plans for the future?

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After that, I plan to either work in the renewable energy industry for a few years or head directly into a PhD program in Europe or the US!